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Tim Griswold LMHC, NCC, MA Clinical Mental Health, BS Psychology

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Many have heard of white noise. It is often the sound of a fan or buzzing and is used to mask sound and reduce distraction or sleep. Did you know there are other colors of noise, and some that may be better?

White noise is generally a constant sound. Pink is similar to white noise but has lower frequencies with sounds such as light rain, gentle streams, or leaves blowing in the wind. Brown noise is even lower than pink with sounds such as heavy rain, thunder, or waterfalls.

So which should be used? It’s all about personal preference and the situation. As I write this, I am sitting outside listening to a gentle breeze blowing the maple leaves, and ducks are in the pond flapping their wings while dipping underwater for some food. It is helping me clear my mind and concentrate, but I know the ducks would be distracting if I tried to sleep. Some great apps have prerecorded sounds, and some even let you customize the ranges to create your own white, pink, brown, or whatever color of noise you desire. Give a few a try, I would be interested in what you find.