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Tim Griswold LMHCA, NCC, MA Clinical Mental Health, BS Psychology

A New Path Therapy – Finding your new path in a challenging world

Wait, what? Did you really say that anxiety is healthy? Before we go there, let’s first explore what anxiety is.

Anxiety can be many things. When someone says that they are anxious, are they excited, stressed, or feeling a sense of fear? Generally speaking, anxiety is a regular part of being human. It can be helpful when it occurs in short and small amounts and does not inhibit us from social activities, work, sleep, or consumes our thoughts. Anxiety can help us become more aware of our surroundings and protect us from danger. However, it may no longer be healthy when it grows beyond and becomes overactive. This is often called an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders come in many forms. Anxiety about situations, places, people, and for some, anxiety becomes a part of everyday living. Anxiety sometimes gets combined with depression and other conditions making daily activities even more challenging.

So how do I tell if my anxiety is healthy? You are your own best judge. If you are concerned, reach out to your primary health care provider or a mental health care professional.